Thursday, September 8, 2011

Mick's up Weather

Here is a view of the road from my parents' driveway during flooding.

Craziness.   There are wild fires in Texas and floods in the Northeast.   Who would have thought there could be such irony in the devastation across the country?

Keep your cool.   Keep your wits about you.   Don't do anything rash.   You know what?   God is still in control.

God does not make mistakes!   Isn't that an amazing and comforting thought?   He is reliable.   He is steady.   He is consistent.   He is unchanging.   He is all-powerful.

When you really realize God doesn't make mistakes, then you can begin to realize you don't need chemicals and medicines to heal you and keep you healthy.   God put an amazing healing power inside you... inside each one of us.   He didn't forget anything.   Living 5 simple essentials will aid you in following a lifestyle to take care of the temple God gave you.

Even when the weather outside or everything inside seems all mixed up, don't get washed away with worry.  Hold onto God!  Hold onto the promises in His word and the hope that we have in His Son.

My family is praying for strength for all those across the country dealing with catastrophes and clean-up!  May God work miracles throughout.

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