Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Mick's Maxed

Max this.  Max that.  What is all this Maximized Living stuff?  What do I know about it?  I have experienced it and seen with my own eyes the  amazing  transformations that have resulted!

Imagine being sick and in pain for 15+ years, being told it's all in your head... but you know it's all too real.  Getting out of bed is one of the hardest things to do, not to mention having to focus on work to keep your job and support your family.  Oh… family… you feel as though you can barely function, so how can you possibly be a dad to your kids?  It's a struggle.  Trying everything you can think of only gives minor temporary relief.  You feel like a 95-year-old in a 45-year-old body.  


Imagine as a child you're being told your body is not perfect and there is no definitive solution.  You're told all the bad things that might happen to you, and you're basically told there is no hope.


Imagine there is hope!  Someone is obedient to God's direction, and they share with you some amazing yet simple information.  You grab on, and it changes your life!

In October of 2010, I first heard about Maximized Living after noticing the Family Chiropractic sign moved to a different section of our local plaza, which led to stopping in out of curiosity and a need for a nearby chiropractor(At the time, the drive to and from the chiropractor's office hurt my back worse than anything, and so I really wanted to have an office within walking distance.  Yay!  God gave us one!)

At age 9, I was diagnosed with scoliosis, as well as some other spine issues.  Following the recommendations, my parents got me in to see specialists, who simply “monitored” the situation and prescribed exercises to try to train my muscles to straighten my spine (or at least not let it get worse), with the threat of a brace or even surgery if I did not keep up with my exercises.  My parents were also told to sign me up for karate, swimming, or gymnastics to strengthen my back.  Gymnastics was already my preferred hobby, so I continued in that.  (I have now learned that gymnastics might have actually caused more damage to my spine!)

Through the years, I dealt with headaches, back pain, knee pain, foot pain, and eventually saw several different chiropractors over a span of 20 years, even being told by one chiropractor that I would most likely have severe issues from carrying a baby to childbirth, possibly even leading to paralysis.

Finding Dr. Eric was a God-send for my family and me.  He provides the most up-to-date corrective techniques, and the 5 Essentials of Maximized Living that he talks about are just that: 5 Essential items to live life to the max!

My  BIG “Why” to get me revved up with the mindset to succeed with my new healthy lifestyle is to teach my children (by words and actions) how to take care of the temple God gave them, so they can live long, healthy lives to bring glory to His name.  I do not want them suffering from sickness or disease, or dying from heart disease or cancer at any time in their lives, whether young or old.

"Don’t you know that you yourselves are God’s temple..." 1 Corinthians 3:16 (NIV)

My personal “Why” is to be fit (and have a flat tummy), no matter my age or maternal status.  In other words, I don’t want to look like a 40+ year-old mom with two young children.  Winking smile

The result:
After jumping in to the 5 Essentials with both feet in November 2010 with the entire family, I lost 20 poundsand this was after thinking I was doomed… just because I had 2 kids… to stay the same weight am more fit than I’ve ever been… can actually see a 6-pack of abs!  Woohoo!… wear the smallest size I’ve ever worn, fight off colds faster than usual, and am overall healthier and more energetic than at any time in my past.  Plus, my family is healthier. Not only can my kidderz kick high fevers in one day and hardly be sick from month to month, but my husband has an amazing testimony as well, getting off pain meds, allergy meds, cold meds, sleep meds, and being a healthier and more energetic husband than the one I married 15 years ago!  Who is this guy?!  I like him!

Not only do we have the mindset to do what it takes to be the healthiest we can be, but we also are seeing correction in our spines because of Dr. Eric’s care.  The nutrition of the Advanced Plan is simply our lifestyle now, and we maximize our oxygen and lean muscle through the MaxT3 workouts.  Plus, living as toxin-free as possible (with our food, soap, shampoo, deodorant, detergent, etc.) and staying off meds and on  Daily Detox is a must!

I am thankful that God introduced me to chiropractic care long ago, especially so that my children would have the blessing of having chiropractic adjustments since first coming home from the hospital as newborns, which has made it a lifestyle to them.  They “get it!”  They understand that healing comes from the inside out.

God made you perfect! There are no mistakes.  If you are dealing with issues of pain and/or dis-ease, it is simply due to interferenceLive the 5 Essentials to get the interferences out and live life to the max!

Have you taken the survey here on Mick's up Life?  It's up there, in the left margin.  Go ahead... we're all curious to know! 

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