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An Honest Mick's up

am human... Just thought I'd clear that up.

I want to be honest about being normal...  (after all, I did only learn this lifestyle stuff a few years ago)... and I want to share some things to encourage you.
ML Nutrition Plan book

There's nothing juicy here, just some simple truth about every day life.

Ready?  Here it goes.

Healthy eating takes work.

Surprised?  Probably not.

My secret?  I hate that healthy eating takes work.  I am a scheduler, but I hate meal planning.  Do you despise planning meals, too?

I really, truly wish I didn't have to pack lunches every day of the school year (but I do it to offer the healthiest options possible to my children).   I know, I know:  Someday, too soon, I'll be an empty-nester and wishing I still had kidderz at home to pack lunches for.  I'll try to remember that and not complain.

I wish I didn't have to cook breakfast and dinner every day, trying to please the family, while keeping things healthy and simple, feeling like the only thing accomplished for the day is feeding everyone.  Then comes the dreaded phrase, "We're having that, again?"  (I guess that means I need to add a bit more variety, which, again, takes work.)

I remember what it was like when we didn't know better.  True, I still had to come up with ideas of what we'd eat each day, but buying something pre-made or mostly made was a lot easier than cooking from scratch... and it is the normal thing to do.

It's not that people aren't smart or are too lazy, but some families haven't gotten all the information they need to make wiser choices.. like us in the past.  We consumed more processed foods back then.  I thought we were making healthy choices, but I didn't know then what I know now.

Sometimes I wish I still didn't know the dangers.  Sometimes I wish life was easier.

However, there ARE simple and quick recipes that ARE healthy AND tasty.  In fact, I use more spices now than I have our entire married life to this point.  There are some mighty delicious recipes that we can prepare without adding all kinds of junk... and the family approves them.

Please note:  I am not an amazing cook, by any stretch of the imagination.  There is nothing exceptional about my work in the kitchen.  Anyone can do what I do.  Follow a good recipe, and you'll surprise yourself!

I am also not a great baker (really not very good at all).  I always said I'd have to hire my brother to be my baker and gardener, because he was born with those skills and I wasn't.

I can follow a recipe, and if I find something that works for my family, it's a staple.

However, without using "normal" flour and sugar, things aren't working out so easy for me.  Sure, I share yummy recipes I come across... but I can't always get them to look and/or taste nice.

There are many wonderfully talented bakers and cooks out there, and I recommend you look up recipes and tips from them... such nutritionists as:
Elise Scwartz
Kimberly Roberto
Lin Hardick

Though I am not a nutrionist, nor officially certified in anything, I was trained in nutrition and fitness in three different (awesome) jobs, receiving job-specific certification in nutrition and fitness for one of those companies.

The reason I started this blog was to continue the coaching that I was enjoying so much at that office.  Yes, I was a nutrition coach... and to this day, if you sincerely ask me, I'll be glad to give you some pointers.

People look for someone they can use as an easy resource for these things... someone who is (or has been) where they are, understanding the challenges and frustrations.

It was mostly moms asking for help in the office, and so some of my writing (No, I am not a mommy blogger!) might tend toward moms.  However, it's not just moms that need to be informed.

It's important for everyone to stop believing the lies, and take a different angle to managing health... to be empowered!

One way our family has done this is by considering our chiropractor as our main doctor.

Our plan is to use our physician for crisis care only.  You know: if an arm is falling off, or blood is involved somehow.

Years ago, my kidderz were at the physician's office a lot, and they were prescribed medicine all the time... but... since late 2010, I have not bought any medicines for them, and that means we have not used any over-the-counter pain relievers nor cold medicines.  That's nearly THREE YEARS!  For two adults who popped ibuprofen at the slightest discomfort, that's a major deal!  3 Years!

However.... here comes another secret... more honesty...
As I explain in Our Crazy Mick's up Summer, that summer we had a few strange issues in our family, and I cracked.  I admit it!

I was desperate to get relief from my poison rash that had spread to every limb.  Realizing the aloe wasn't allowing it to dry, and without doing any research, I bought the only thing I knew (because of childhood experiences): Calamine Lotion.  Since then, I looked up information to find that our parents and grandparents certainly did OK by that.  Whew!

However, I'm not so happy with my decisions for my son's swimmer's ear.

I became a normal mom, wanting to do whatever was necessary to make my "baby" feel better.

First, I tried my best to use home remedies, like peroxide, rubbing alcohol, garlic and olive oil.

Then, worrying myself silly, I took my son to the physician.

My main concern was to be sure his ear was not being damaged.

I was relieved to find out everything was fine, besides the fact that he had inflammation and pain.

However, the doctor prescribed antibiotic/steroid drops for the ear.

I fought myself over the decision to buy or not to buy.  Much against my better judgment, I gave in to the medical model, and I paid way too much money for something that ended up just sitting unused.

OK... I confess: I did put a drop in his ear that first day or two, but after that, the medicine just sat, and my son was absolutely fine without it.

Am I proud of this decision?  No.  Am I embarrassed?  Yes.  Would I make that same decision again?  No.

Do I understand moms and their worries?  Yes.  I'll say it again:  Yes!

So, please take heart that we are all human, and we might make mistakes now and then...  but we must move on and seek wisdom and discernment in all situations to make the best decisions we can make for our families.

... Oh, and I cheat, too.  It's not much of a secret, but since I'm being honest here...
I still like my cheats: chocolate once in a while, and pizza ANY time (my downfall!).

The difference now versus before healthy living?  At least now I know with cheats come consequences, and I prepare myself for those consequences:  stuffy nose and sinus issues, headaches, stiff joints, tight muscles, grumpiness, fatigue, lower performance in exercise, slower brain function, and maybe even weakening my immune system to the point of allowing a cold to take over my body.

Because I know what'll happen, I do my best to only enjoy these cheats at times when I am not needing to be at "the top of my game..." and that is usually only once or twice per week, at the most.

Do you have some things to be honest with yourself about?  Do you have some guilt for some wrong decisions?  Stop worrying about them.  Face them.  Get back up.  Then move on.  You will learn from those mistakes, and who knows... you might just be able to help someone else because of what you went through.

"We lose our way. We get back up again.
It's never too late to get back up again.
One day you will shine again.
You may be knocked down, but not out forever."
(Toby Mac)

"An honest answer
is like a kiss on the lips."

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