Sunday, December 30, 2012

How to Mick’s up Fries

Mmmmmmm…. French friesYum!

Is that your opinion?
Sweet Potato Fries in the making!

I can’t lie.  I’ve always loved fries.  I even remember a time when I was pregnant (before healthy living), going through the drive-thru of a fast-food restaurant, and being handed a note passed on from the car ahead of me (via the cashier at the window), reading, “Baby is hungry for fries?”  I hadn’t realized a family friend was in that car.  What a fun surprise!

Even though I've lost my craving for French fries and other greasy foods, now that my body isn't addicted, it’s still nice to have a treat reminiscent of the “old days.”  So, once in a great while, I get some sweet potatoes in the house.  I make sure I have a good amount of coconut oil, and an extra half hour or so.

Give it a try!  It’s simple.

Cut up some sweet potatoes in the style and thickness you like.  (Beware of the cooking time difference for thinner vs. thicker cuts.)

On medium heat, have enough coconut oil in a medium-sized sauce pan to fill it approximately half way.  The key is to be sure the pan is large enough in diameter to fit the size (length) of your fries, and to be sure the coconut oil covers the fries to cook them evenly. 

After a few minutes, the oil should be ready for the potato slices.  Add salt to taste.  Allow the fries to cook for several minutes, turning them once.

When the fries are done to your desired consistency, it’s a good idea to place them on a paper towel, when you take them out of the oil, and allow the oil to drain off.

I must admit:  One night, after over-cooking sweet potato fries for the family’s dinner, I went to an event, where a lady asked who had fries.  She could smell them!  The “aroma” was lingering around me.  I guess that proves the coconut oil can cook just like the nasty, unhealthy greases, without the deadly side effects.

Coconut oil does have many health benefits, but there are better ways to ingest it, and since there are healthier and more nutrient-rich food choices than potatoes (sweet potatoes are one of the better potato choices, though), I do not recommend these be a staple at your dinner table.  However, it’s fun once in a while! 

Nowadays, if there are sweet potatoes in the house, the big question I  hear is, “Are we having fries?!”

You might also like to try roasting the sweet potatoes in your oven, especially if you do not want to mess with frying.  Another of our favorite special occasion recipes with sweet potatoes is mashed and/or casserole.  Just have some fun experimenting!  If you have more ideas and/or questions, please post them here in the comment section.  I'd love to hear from you!

"Do not crave his delicacies, for that food is deceptive."


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