Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Have You Gotten a Mick’s up of Chiropractic

You might have gathered by now that I am very thankful for chiropractic care.  I never used to know why Conway Family Chiropracticchiropractic is so good for me, but I just knew I felt better and was healthier when I received regular care. 

I am so thankful my parents became friends with a chiropractor so many years back, which first introduced us to this form of healthcare.

I’m thankful I found a wonderful office through the yellow pages and got back into regular chiropractic care, when I was pregnant with our first child, after I discovered chiropractic is excellent for pregnant ladies.  I was no longer in pain, regained comfortable sleep during those crucial months, improved my attitude, and later had a healthy baby because of chiropractic.

It is amazing to me the gifts God has given chiropractors:  the skill to be able to feel each bone in the spine and know it by name; the precision for moving the proper bone in the necessary manner; the understanding of where each nerve leads and what it helps, as well as what is hurt when it is not able to function properly; the compassion to care for each patient and their needs; even the knowledge of all other bones in the skeletal system, so as to aid in supplying answers for bewildered patients.

If you have not yet discovered the world of chiropractic, I urge you to do yourself a favor and look into it.

Listen to what Dr. Patrick Gentempo, owner of the Chiropractic Leadership Alliance, says: “Now that this whole wellness revolution has come into this world, chiropractic is expanding and growing because we've had such great training….  Chiropractic is proactive,” meaning we take the approach of, “Let's not wait for you to get sick and then do something.  Let's keep you healthy.

As we enter into the more stressful holiday season, it’s good to contemplate what that stress is doing to us and what we can do to handle it in a healthier way.  Dr. Gentempo continues on to say, “Everybody knows that lifestyle stress adversely affects your health.  How stress is processed and managed is through the nervous system.  What's between stress and illness?  The Central Nervous System.  You live your life through your nervous system.  What chiropractors do is evaluate your nervous system, see how stress is affecting that, and if it’s causing disturbance in how your nervous system functions, we want to release those disturbances so your body can heal and regulate.

Is chiropractic a lifetime commitment?  Dr. Gentempo explains, “Chiropractic doesn't treat conditions...  It gives lifestyle support to help better address whatever your challenges might be.”  This question is like asking, “Once you go to the gym, do you have to keep going back?  Once you eat healthy, do you have to keep eating healthy?”  As the doctor says, If you want a healthy lifestyle, chiropractic is a critical component.”

Many thanks to Conway Family Chiropractic for encouraging me to use their video in my blog.  This is a great summary of what chiropractic is and why we need it.  Enjoy!

Remember, don’t stress this holiday.  Read the Proverb below.  If you find yourself stressing, be sure to see your local chiropractor!

A heart at peace gives life to the body, but envy rots the bones.
Proverbs 14:30 (NIV)

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