Friday, November 4, 2011

Mick’s up Kids and Birthdays

Birthday Boy
Yay!  Celebrating kidderz is fun! 

We have had fun, wishing my son a happy birthday.

What’s the best birthday present we can give our kidderz?  I think the gift of healthy living is a wonderful thing:  teaching them what to avoid and what to include, in order to see many more healthy birthdays to come.

Are we perfect?  No.  Do we splurge with food once in a while?  Of course.

As my husband and I felt the regret this morning from eating sugar and breads last night, he made a great statement (and I told him I have to share it):  “Ice cream cake will kill ya!”

I’m heading to sleep right now, to recover from the effects of our splurges (messed up sinuses, fatigue, low back pain, etc… all because we enjoyed a few helpings of toxins, like carbs/sugars, which cause inflammation).  Was it worth it?  In all honesty… I think soshhhhh… don’t tell anyone!

“But we had to celebrate and be glad, because this brother of yours…”

Remember:  You are loved.  You are special to God, your Creator.
Imagine:  All heaven celebrates, when you choose to be reborn!
Don’t miss out on a glorious eternity!


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