Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Mick’s up Over the Hedge

Hammy the Squirrel: What is that?
RJ: That, my friend, is a magical combination of corn flour, dehydrated cheese solids, BHA, BHT, and good old MSG; a.k.a., the chip, nacho cheese flavor.” - Over the Hedge

Do you every feel that way, when you get close to a bag of chips or other processed food?  Admit it.  We’ve all been there!

We all have something that is a big temptation to us and is really difficult to stay away from. You might feel like Hammy:

RJ: Do you like this cookie?
Hammy the Squirrel: I like the cookie!
RJ: [Throws cookie away] Well this cookie's JUNK!
Hammy the Squirrel: I like a cookie...” - Over the Hedge

Yes, I’m telling you some of your favorite things, maybe a box of cookies, chips with ingredients similar to what R.J. listed out, cereal, bread, and soda are “junk!”

Beware!  Read the ingredient list on everything.  If you want to make a difference in your life and see a change in your figure and your health, keep all the ingredients simple.  Not only that, but be sure the ingredient lists don’t include sugar, artificial sweeteners, or the “usual” grains. (If you must have bread/grains, go for something like Ezekiel Bread or use alternatives almond meal/flour.) 

I only tell you this because I’ve been there. I know what’s out there and how easily we get attached to it.  It’s so much better on the other side of the hedge, though.  Stay away from the humans’ stuff (man food, aka fake food).  Stick with the real stuff (God food)… what we were meant to eat, when the world was created.

(Please don’t misunderstand me, thinking I’m saying go vegetarian.  I don’t have knowledge on that topic.  I still eat meat… plenty of it!  If you go vegetarian, then all I can say about it is: be sure you’ve done your research.)
Stay healthy, everyone!

“…you will eat the plants of the field…”

Disclaimer:  I do not recommend reading all the quotes from “Over the Hedge.”  Sadly, they are not family-friendly.


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